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Urethane Spray Foam for Better Homes

Save on your heating and cooling bill and protect your home against the risk of a pest invasion or mold growth with high-quality cellulose spray foams. Get in touch with Foam Doctor, Fargo, ND to ensure that your home is completely protected.

  • Highest R Value per inch

  • The typical home has over 1/2 mile of cracks and crevices. Spray foam will seal all of those

  • Closed cell spray foam is vapor retarder, eliminating condensation problems in rim joists, walls and cathedral ceilings

  • Average 30-50% reduction in energy costs compared with traditional methods

  • Indoor air quality is greatly improved

  • Closed cell spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is the only insulation classified as an acceptable flood resistant material by FEMA

  • Does not contain any formaldehyde

Foam Doctor has been keeping your homes protected and family comfortable by improving the strength of your house with spray foams.


We have over 23 years experience and we do our work properly and efficiently. Our team has the experience, knowledge and equipment to provide you with a quality job.

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Spray foam protection for your house

Improving the strength of your home

Count on our experience and knowledge to get a quality job at a great price. All our services come with a warranty.

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